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Artwork For Sale

A Little Bit About Me

My art is a journey of passion. As a young child my world was a pencil and paper. Drawing was the only thing that interested me and to date this passion to draw continues. My art has always been on the pages of comic books, but now I found a new method to showcase these pages by painting them on canvas. I feel that the largeness of the pages brings a sense of exhilaration to my artwork. Drawing and painting has always been good for my soul. It's my passion and it gives me a purpose in life.

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Commissions or Artwork

Have you ever wanted to purchase an original piece of comic book art or have a cover recreation done? Are you interested in having a commission done by me. Just contact me today about what I have for sale as well as my commission schedule. At this time, I am currently accepting commission requests, special requests or more elaborate comissions.

Contact me today by clicking here or emailing me at bocakidz@aol.com.

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  • Hey kids. Now you can be taught this summer by comic book legend Jose Delbo at his Cartoon Summer Camp. This is for children ages 5 to 14. Visit www.cartooncamp.com for more information

    Email: bocakidz@aol.com for more information